First Receivers Courses


Individuals attending this course are required to have attended a certified First Receivers Awareness course according to their job function


This course covers the First Receiver Operations requirements for hospital personnel who receive patients at a medical facility and respond in a defensive fashion. This course will cover Site-Specific PPE (PERSONAL Protective Equipment), Self and Patient Decontamination as well as Hospital Decontamination Teams and Procedures.


Students will participate in interactive lectures and hands-on exercises involving:

  • Decontamination Team Leader - responsible for management of the decontamination operation
  • Decontamination Safety Officer - responsible for monitoring the decontamination area for developing hazards and for ensuring team safety.
  • Pre-Decontamination Triage - responsible for assessing medical status and prioritizing victims for decontamination.
  • Decontamination System Set-up.
  • Security.
  • Decontamination hospital attendants.
  • Post-decontamination inspection.
  • Cleanup and decontamination crew (surfaces, equipment, human and hazardous wastes).
  • Other roles that might be performed in the Hospital Decontamination Zone (e.g., patient tracking, assistants helping team members with PPE.


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