HAZWOPER training promotes protection and alertness of employees who may be uncovered to chemical hazards in the workplace. Foster Safety LLC. Offers HAZWOPER 40 Hour training course
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"Foster Safety LLC is a State Certified Training Facility"

Driver/Operator– Pumper / Aerial


On-Line Curriculum In Addition To On-Site Skills Testing At Foster Safety LLC

Date :

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Phase 1

Last day to sign up is November 04, 2018
Class starts November 26, 2018

Run From November 26 - January 21st

Final class exam

Jan 21st

State Skills

Jan 22nd

State Written

Jan 23rd

Phase 2

Last day to sign up is Feb 04, 2019
Class starts March 04, 2019

Run From March 4th - May 6th

Final class exam

May 6th

State Skills

May 7th

State Written

May 8th

Phase 3

Last day to sign up is May 12, 2019
Class starts June 10, 2019

Run From March 4th – August 4th

Final class exam

August 4th

State Skills

August 5th

State Written

August 6th

Phase 4

Last day to sign up is August 04, 2019
Class starts September 02, 2018

Run From August 4th – November 4th

Final class exam

November 4th

State Skills

November 5th

State Written

November 6th

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Basic Structural Fire Protection, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting, or Marine Fire Protection certification.


This training program is designed to be taken via the Internet. The program covers all necessary curriculum requirements of NFPA 1002, Standard for Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications and has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to drive and operate an apparatus by having and maintaining a knowledge of:

  • Apparatus inspections and basic maintenance
  • Best practices for ensuring the safety of all personnel riding in the apparatus while it’s in motion
  • Techniques for safe driving of an apparatus to and from an incident scene
  • Appropriate positioning of the apparatus to maximize effectiveness
  • Techniques for safe operation of apparatus equipment and components

Upon successful completion of this course you will be eligible to take the Texas Commission on Fire Protection Driver/Operator test. This course is approved by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. Students must meet or make arrangements with Foster Safety LLC for skills examination.

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