Fire Systems Inspection & Service and Safety/Stand-by Teams

Foster Safety LLC is located in Beaumont, Texas and provides additional services including safety/standby teams, fire inspection and maintenance, equipment sales as well as offers emergency response planning for the industrial and medical industries. Southeast Texas is one of the top industrial areas in Texas and the United States. Our safety services are available immediately, handled professionally and efficiently as we strive to be the best in the industry. Offering these services along with being a top training facility in our area makes us a full-service emergency center prepared to support any situation or crisis, before it happens. Call Foster Safety LLC for more information about any of our additional services we offer.

Fire Systems Inspection and Repairs Services

Foster Safety LLC now is a Full-Service Fire Systems Inspections and Repairs Service Company. We are committed to providing the highest quality services in the market today. All of our staff are Full Time Fire Service Technicians who are licensed by the Texas State Fire Marshall for Fire Extinguisher and Fixed Fire Suppression Service, Fire Alarm Service, Fire Water, and Sprinkler Services. Our Company not only offers service technicians who are trained and qualified to perform inspections, testing and maintenance,we will also provide training on sprinklers, fire alarms and fire extinguisher inspections as well.
Below is a list of our services we can provide.
  • Inspection Testing and Maintenance of Sprinkler Systems
  • Inspection Testing and Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems
  • Inspection Testing and Maintenance of Fixed Fire Suppression Systems
  • Inspection Testing and Maintenance of Hydrants, Monitors, PIV’s
  • Fire Hose Testing
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Services
  • On-Site Service Technicians
  • Foam Sampling
  • Training
We not only offer the technical knowledge, but also provide the highest level of customer service to help assist and deal with any projects,services or issues that may arise.

We hope that Foster Safety LLC can offer your company the services needed to provide the SAFEST working environment possible!

Fire Services Beaumont, TX

Safety/Standby Teams

Foster Safety LLC offers full-service Safety/Stand-by Teams to support any emergency happening in Southeast Texas and are ready to travel anywhere else needed. All teams are equipped with the air and radiological monitoring systems, self-contained breathing apparatus and air respirators following all OSHA, NFPA, D.O.T. regulations required. Our teams have safety equipment needed to support and keep excellent fire, safety and site assessments needed while keeping everyone and the areas surrounding them safe at all times. Foster Safety LLC provides all air monitoring, supplied air, and necessary CPR/First Aid equipment to provide the safest and most proficient services possible!

Our staff are all experienced Emergency Responders with the following certifications:

  • Confined Space Rescue (29 CFR 1910.146 – Rescue, Supervisor, Entrant, & Attendant)
  • NPPA 1670 & 1006 Certifications
  • Paramedics
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Emergency Care Attendants
  • State Certified Firefighters
  • Industrial Firefighting Brigade Members
  • High-Angle Rescue Teams
  • Hazardous Material Technicians & Specialists
  • Certified Scaffold Inspectors
  • Certified Safety Professional
Rescue Stand-by Team Beaumont Texas - Fire Safety Services

Fire Safety Services

Foster Safety LLC provides Fire Water Systems Inspections and Maintenance including Fire Extinguisher Type-B inspections, and also offers Emergency Response Planning for teams needing an experienced and knowledgeable team who have successfully handled all kinds of emergency situations with a specific plan for unique circumstances. Call Foster Safety LLC for all your fire safety services your business needs to follow to be in code and having a plan in place before you need it keeps you, your employees, and your customers safe at all times.

Fire Water Systems Inspection and Maintenance

Fire Apparatus Inspection and Maintenance

Foster Safety LLC, offers fire apparatus training and services for short and long term periods. We also offer annual site and on site hose testing.

Fire Extinguisher Type-B Inspections - Fire Safety Services

Fire Extinguisher Type-B Inspections

Foster Safety LLC, provides quarterly and annual Type-B inspections for fire extinguishers.

Emergency Response Planning Beaumont Texas

Emergency Response Planning

Foster Safety LLC, provides site specific emergency response revisions and building.

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