24-Hour Trench Rescue Course


This course requires successful completion of a Confined Space Course.

Course Description: The Trench Rescue Technician course has been designed in accordance with OSHA 1910.126, Subpart P and NFPA 1006, Standard for Technical Rescue Professional Qualifications. This course pertains to trench rescues involving injured or entrapped persons. The class covers the federal and state regulations, the use of specialized equipment for atmospheric monitoring, emergency shoring systems, victim excavation, and employment of rescuer constructed retrieval systems. Special emphasis will be given to rescuer safety and scene evolutions.

Format: Students will participate in interactive lectures and hands-on exercises involving:

  • Equipment Selection & Inspection
  • Incident Size-Up & Victim Management
  • Equipment Safety Factors & Maintenance
  • Collapse TypesSoil Physics
  • Sheeting & Shoring
  • Stabilization
  • Patient Assessment, Removal & Packaging
  • Shoring of Deep Trenches
  • Shoring of Intersecting Trenches
  • Lifting & Cribbing
  • Air Bags & Supplemental Sheeting
  • Heavy Equipment

Location: Foster Safety LLC or On-Site

Dates: See Training Calendar or Request

Time: Three (8) Hour or Two (12) Hour Days

*Breakfast, Lunch & Refreshments provided daily.