Foster Safety LLC is looking for a reliable and talented Industrial Firefighter / ERT. The ideal candidate will have field leadership skills, presence, and strong verbal and written communication skills. The candidate will also have previous experience supporting similar activities. The Industrial Firefighter / ERT will interact with the response team, operations, and our clients, ensuring that our clients’ needs are met and exceeded. We are looking for a self-motivated, responsible, and confident individual with a commitment to integrity and the ability to prioritize multiple projects, meet deadlines, and work collaboratively. The individual will work directly under site general supervision and within the parameters of company policies and procedures. This person will also be prepared and able to provide exceptional patient care in medical emergency situations and equal job performance in firefighting, technical rescue, HAZMAT and fire pumper operations.

Job Responsibilities

·       Provide leadership and expertise in the areas of firefighting which support the ERT members and site personnel during emergencies and on-site drills including:

o   Fire

o   Medical

o   Rescue


·       Develop emergency pre-plans (incident specific QRCs)

·       Coordinate daily emergency vehicle checks.

·       Manage monthly emergency equipment checks including:

o   Fire extinguishers

o   AEDs

o   Emergency exit lights

o   SCBA’s

o   SAR 5-min escape packs

·       Perform inspections/repairs for on-site emergency fire truck and fire water systems including:

o   Clean and inventory all fire, rescue, HAZMAT, and medical equipment.

o   Perform preventive maintenance on all company equipment.

o   Inspect and maintain in good working condition all hose and nozzles.

o   Maintain fire water system (pumps, hydrants, PIVs)

·       Perform all other emergency/fire preparedness duties as assigned.

·       Perform all job duties in accordance with all Safety, Health and Environmental Standards and policies, and NFPA standards.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Must pass background check and drug screening.
  • Successfully complete annual refresher training for Firefighting, Medical, Rescue and HAZMAT certifications and any other certifications that require periodic additional training.
  • Maintain physical fitness to be able to perform necessary physical job-related tasks.
  • Willing and able to work different shifts (Day or Night).
  • Able to work assigned shifts without excessive absenteeism.

Job Qualifications

  • Must have current certifications for completing a Fire Apparatus training course and Fire Truck Pumper or equivalent.
  • Current or able to obtain ICS/N.I.M.S. 100, 200, 300 Certifications
  • Current or able to obtain Firefighting, HAZMAT, Rescue, and Medical (CPR/AED/First Aid and above) certifications.
  • Current or able to obtain NFPA 1081 Fire Brigade or equivalent certifications.
  • Current TWIC card or the ability to quickly obtain.
  • Current ISTC Basic training or the ability to quickly obtain it.
  • All certifications must be maintained during employment.

Cognitive and Physical Abilities

  • Read, write, and clearly speak the English language.(Bilingual is a plus)
  • Follow written and oral instructions.
  • Effectively work with others in a professional, respective, and efficient manner.
  • Able to learn firefighting, rescue, HAZMAT, and basic lifesaving medical duties within a reasonable time frame and apply that knowledge to actual work-related situations.
  • Learn the layout of the work sites and be able to respond to emergencies effectively.
  • Physically perform firefighting, rescue and HAZMAT duties including, but not limited, to pulling hose lines, climbing ladders, hauling, operating firefighting and rescue tools and equipment.
  • Able to perform certain job duties while wearing an SCBA with firefighting or HAZMAT personal protective clothing and respiratory equipment.
  • Operate and maintain fire pumpers and apparatus.
  • Maintain the level of physical health required to perform all physical duties of the job.

Certifications and Licenses

  • At the time of hire have a valid Texas Driver’s License Class C
  • Able to obtain a valid Texas Driver’s License Class B within the first year of employment.
  • While employed, able to maintain all necessary certifications previously listed as necessary for employment.
  • Be proficient in using laptops or computers and other necessary electronic equipment for report writing, keeping track of inventories… etc.


This job requires basic knowledge of industrial firefighting, high angle and confined space rescue, HAZMAT training, and basic CPR/First Aid training. Each discipline has its own specific tasks and certain hazards come along with those tasks. The employee is expected to be able to perform the required duties effectively and efficiently in a professional manner. He or She is expected to be able to lift fire and rescue tools that could weigh more than 50 pounds, as well as work with those tools wearing the proper PPE for the given situation. The person will be expected to work in changing weather conditions consisting of different temperature extremes as well as work in confined spaces, elevated areas, and several other hazardous work environments. The employee will also be expected to perform general cleaning activities. This includes basic cleaning such as sweeping and mopping as well as washing the fire truck and cleaning all equipment.

All employees are required to participate in all training and maintain a positive relationship with other employees. Teamwork is essential in the performance of all the job duties in the Foster Safety Family. We all depend on one another to complete the lifesaving task we are trained to perform. Our goal is to provide the best professional service to our customers and to do it in the most effective and efficient manner.

All qualified applicants with Foster Safety LLC will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, national origin or status as a qualified individual with a disability or protected veteran.

Job Types: Full-time

Starting Pay: $25.00 per hour

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