First Receivers Course


Individuals attending this course are required to have attended a certified First Receivers Awareness course according to their job function.


This course covers the First Receiver Operations requirements for hospital personnel who receive patients at a medical facility and respond in a defensive fashion. This course will cover Site-Specific PPE (PERSONAL Protective Equipment), Self and Patient Decontamination as well as Hospital Decontamination Teams and Procedures.


Students will participate in interactive lectures and hands-on exercises involving:

  • Decontamination Team Leader – Responsible for management of the decontamination operation
  • Decontamination Safety Officer – Responsible for monitoring the decontamination area for developing hazards and for ensuring team safety
  • Pre-Decontamination Triage – Responsible for assessing medical status and prioritizing victims for decontamination
  • Decontamination System Set-up
  • Security
  • Decontamination Hospital Attendants
  • Post-Decontamination Inspection
  • Cleanup and Decontamination Crew (surfaces, equipment, human and hazardous wastes)

Other roles that might be performed in the Hospital Decontamination Zone (e.g., patient tracking, assistants helping team members with PPE)

Location: Foster Safety LLC or On-Site

Dates: See Training Calendar or Request

Time: 8 to 40 Hours

*Breakfast, Lunch & Refreshments provided daily.