Pro-Board and NFPA 1081 Fire Brigade Courses


Individuals attending these courses require a minimum NFPA 472 Awareness Course,

Medical Clearance and Respirator Fit Test is required Pro-Board and NFPA 1081 Fire Brigade Courses Beaumont, TXand provided before the course.


This course is designed to meet the requirements for students as per Pro Board and NFPA 1081 requirements.

This course is designed to provide industrial fire brigade members with the skills and knowledge required for certification to Chapter 5, “Incipient Industrial Fire Brigade Member,” as described in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1081, Standard for Industrial Fire Brigade Member Professional Qualifications (2012 edition).

Upon completion of this course students are eligible to take the Pro Board NFPA 1081 Qualifications written exam and skills testing.

PPE required:

– NFPA 1971 approved Bunker Coat and Pants with suspenders
– NFPA approved Helmet with chin strap and ear flaps
– NFPA approved Fire Fighter Boots

All participants have the option to attend the 40-Hour, 24–hour or 8-Hour Refresher (On burn days).

Training Courses are as follows:

  • Incipient Fire Brigade Member (Pro-Board)
  • Advanced Fire Brigade Member (Pro-Board)
  • Interior Fire Brigade Member (Pro-Board)
  • Incipient/Advanced Fire Brigade Member (Pro-Board)
  • Annual Fire Brigade Refreshers

Foster Safety LLC needs to be provided a list of names for each person taking the class 7 days prior to the class.

Location: Foster Safety LLC and C.E.R.T.C. Training Center, Sulphur, LA.

Dates: See Training Calendar or Request

Course Times: 8 to 40 Hours

*Breakfast, Lunch & Refreshments provided daily.