Water Survival Course


To expose participants to the hazards of firefighting near bodies of man-made or naturally occurring open water and an unintentional immersion while wearing firefighting PPE. This is accomplished through classroom and controlled water drills and activities. Participants will be taught methods of self and assisted rescue.


Participants will gain classroom knowledge about the effects of cold water, learn their own personal limits of water skills, and gain a working understanding of survivability in the water with firefighting PPE. Participants will be tested for watermanship skills using an adaptation of the NFPA 1670 Watermanship Test.

Participants will practice skills to an acceptable level of proficiency in a clear water pool and will gain real experience in methods of self-rescue and will be introduced to methods of assisted rescue using throw ropes, the use of personal flotation devices, (PFDs) with PPE and will be tasked with “unintentional immersion” self-rescue with PPE without SCBA, PPE with SCBA, PPE with SCBA and PFD and “unintentional immersion” from height.

* Students participating in this course should be able to swim, have no fear of water, have decent water skills, and be in reasonably fit condition.

Location: Foster Safety LLC or On-Site

Dates: See Training Calendar or Request

Course Times: 8 to 40 Hours

*Breakfast, Lunch & Refreshments provided daily.